Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Meet Author Francene Stanley!

Today, we meet author, Francene Stanley! We have some Q & A with her about her career and the new novel.



1. What is the title of your latest book?

Karm Currents – A grieving woman looks back, while a charming knave completes her set of Egyptian jewellery, and together they discover the shocking past.

2. Do you want your reader to come away from reading your book with a strong message? If so, what is it?

 I want my readers to enjoy the story on the surface, but realize how people could have known each other in a past life; to realize the power contained in each thought and action.

3. Would you rather take your reader to another way of existence than share a message?

 I would. I want them to step into other personalities and learn vicariously how events connect.

4. Will your novel expand the reader's mind? If so, in what way?

 A person can drift away to another world and share in the joy of being a kind of superwoman, albeit in the guise of an ordinary being. You see, my heroine, Liliha, wears a ring that takes her to other situations where she helps people in need.

5. How long have you been writing?

 For nearly ten years I've written novels. Before that, I composed songs and poems. The creative process lifts me out of everyday life and transports me to pure enjoyment.

6. How did you learn your craft?

 I wrote my first book, Still Rock Water and then searched online for courses. I signed up for about three and learned what not to do, and how to maximize the story's potential.

7. Where do your ideas come from?

 Ideas abound, there for everyone who seeks. It's just a matter of grasping them. The renown psychic Edgar Cayce suggested that great departed minds exist in the Universal Consciousness, which is why many discoveries are made at the same time here on Earth. On a lower level, I use imagination.

8. Give the reader links to your work.

 Amazon author page:
Karm Currents is the fourth and final book in the paranormal Moonstone series set in the little village of St. Ives, Cornwall, England.

Apart from her telepathic sojourns of whispering advice to strangers, Liliha is an ordinary woman, separated from her teenage daughters in Australia. Her youngest daughter, Alissa, arrives to live with her, and brings her grandmother. As if that interference isn't enough, Liliha's ex turns up to take their daughter home.

Lovesick Harry steps in to help, bringing with him an ancient Egyptian necklace in the hope of compensating for the bracelet he lost. When more jewelry turns up, all seemingly connected, regressions reveal a previous relationship between Alissa, Harry, and Liliha.
Thank you, Francene Stanley, for dropping by the blog!


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  2. I'm doing this again (typo. not good) Thank you for your hospitality, Fred. I should have mentioned, I have co-written a dystopian series as well, seeing as it's your strength. Grin. Check the books out on my Amazon page above.

  3. Very nice to have you. You and your works are welcome any time. :D

  4. A very interesting interview with Francene.