Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Author Natalie Silk and "Snowfall's Secret"

FHC: Today on the blog, I welcome author Natalie Silk, who's about to launch a new book for Solstice Publishing. Hi Natalie!
So, please tell us all about this new novel.

My current work is Snowfall’s Secret.  It’s a about a girl from another world who must live like any other tween on Earth (and she suffers from amnesia).  Of course, she learns to enjoy shopping at the mall with her very own debit card and has a few secrets. At its core is the message that everyone has value and has something special to share. 
FHC: It reminds me of "Starman", but from a young girl's perspective. Where did the inspiration come from?

The story was inspired by a dream I had when I was twelve.  I saw five monks standing in a semi-circle.  They were all wearing a triangle-shaped pendant with a red stone in the center.  One of the monks looked at me and said, “You’re not ready,” and I woke.  I had subsequent dreams of a girl with a pendant to the one the monks wore and I wrote them all down.

FHC: Who's your favorite character?
My favorite character to write about (funny how that turned out) was a secondary one to the story:  Mrs. Margot Greenfield. I based her on a favorite childhood teacher.

By the way, my favorite genre to write is science fiction.  Surprise!  Just kidding.
FHC: I have had the pleasure of reading it and I think it's a fantastic story, but what's next?

My focus right now is science fiction for girls; but I’m still playing around with a short story that’s alternative history to give myself a mental stretch.  I have this irrational fear that the last thing I finish writing will be my last.  I wonder if I’m not alone.
FHC: "Snowfall's Secret" is a wonderful example of science fiction for girls. I certainly don't think you're the only writer that shares your worries about the future of their writing. A big part of that is your methods?

I’m pretty ‘old school’ when it comes to my writing habits.  The first thing I do is buy a brand new hand-sized spiral notebook and use it to write the basic story that’s mostly action punctuated here and there by dialogue.   The little notebook helps me believe that I’m accomplishing so much.  I then use my trusty laptop to write the second draft that looks as if I threw words down to see what sticks.  The technical term I like to use is word hurl.  Each subsequent draft looks a little more refined than the previous one.  I then use the little spiral notebook to make notes and jot down ideas for the story.
FHC: How did you start writing and when?

I began writing when I was ten and back then we didn’t have home computers.
FHC: Any advice for young writer?

I’ve been asked advice by aspiring writers.  I’m very, very flattered.  But let me tell you, I’m still an aspiring writer. My advice is simple:  don’t ever, ever (and I mean ever) give up.
FHC: Where can readers find you on social media?

Please reach out to me on:

Facebook  Natalie Silk, Author

Twitter @natalieasilk

My website

Amazon Author Page

READERS! This book is available for pre-order beginning today! Shoot on over to Amazon and be among the first to get your copy!
Thank you so much for being on the blog today, Natalie! Best wishes on the new book!

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